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Our Innovative approach to package tracking and shipment information is simple.

Our technology is standard; we believe that information about the shipment is nearly as important as the shipment itself. As such, we do not limit our technology to large shippers, select customers or on a fee based deployment. At Innovative Courier Solutions technology is not an option, but a standard service offering.

We can utilize your existing barcodes or you can generate bar code labels for your packages utilizing our system.


Dedicated Time Specific Solution

For those customers that need a time specific delivery model, we can build a dedicated network with any size or type vehicle to meet your needs. These routes operate on the scheduled that you decide. From the parts distributor that needs scheduled pickup(s) and deliveries from a central warehouse to multiple destinations, to the Company that needs a courier to swap mail pouches on a daily schedule to expedite interoffice and external mail and document processing, we can build a custom solution to your specifications. Remember that all drivers are tracked in real time so you know you are getting the best possible value in a dedicated system.

Shared Routed Courier Solution

Many customers need daily scheduled services, but they do not need to "buy the whole truck".  At ICS we operate over 300 routes across Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina that operate on a time definite schedule. If you have 1 location or 100’s of locations that need service each day or a few days per week, you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is to have dependable schedule service for your clients or operations, day in and day out.

Distribution Solution

This solution is for customers that require non-scheduled distribution services with options that differ from the typical parcel distribution providers. At Innovative Courier Solutions we can tailor your distribution needs to allow for flexible release scheduling, expanded next day service areas, or specialized services for challenging accounts.

Innovative Overnight

Innovative Overnight is our inexpensive and reliable alternative to the high cost of early next day delivery. This service provides time sensitive document delivery to non-scheduled delivery locations. Utilizing our state of the art technology, customers can place overnight orders on line, print shipping labels and rest assured that your time sensitive document will be promptly picked up and delivered early the next morning. We offer 2 levels of service- prior to10:00 a.m. and before 3:00 p.m. Our service is overnight not overpriced.

Laboratory Courier

ICS couriers are trained on to how to properly handle blood, tissue, and other biological and chemical shipments for Laboratory and Medical clients. Real time tracking insures that specimens are moving according to plan.